• The importance of being live

    My friend Piaras Kelly has sometimes mentioned the importance of a strong online presence for the modern Irish (or International) company. It is true that in the world we are living in people expect to be able to google your or your company’s name and instantly recieve a wealth of information in relation to you.
    This is why it baffles me that pretty new Laptop Shop in St. Stephens Green still hasn’t gotten around to making a proper website. The beginnings of it are there alright, basic contact information at a decent domain, but I went online to find out how much they were selling mic adaptors for the ipod and now I have to wait until some time tomorrow if I choose to ring. The chances are I won’t get around to it and it will slip my mind until I’m next in Stephens Green or worse still, shopping somewhere else that stocks the item I require.
    For a company that is built on technically minded users, surely an online presence is a must, and something that should have been there from day 1. What does it say about a computer based company when they seem to ignore the one thing that has revolutionised computer use forever?