• finallygotmyownwebspace.com

    Well, readers of my blog alone may not have noticed, but I’ve finally moved into the horribly overpopulated world of the .com domain owner.
    As of early Tuesday, www.adam-maguire.com and www.adammaguire.com (you decide!) are jam packed with my lovely portfolio.
    The website itself is the same as the one I have on cdfemedia.com, but now I have my own proper domain and hosting service which I can use as I wish for as long as I wish (as long as I keep paying the annual charges!).
    In a world where everything needs some kind of noticable online presence I think it’s important to consider moving into this territory. For me, I enjoyed creating my website and enjoy maintaining it. I’m always keen to push my technical knowledge as far as I can, I enjoy blogging and I like the idea of having my own little signpost on the vast hypermotorway that is the Internet.
    As before the site will be mainly dedicated to showcasing my portfolio of work but I also hope to expand it into something much bigger over time. You’ll see. At the moment I want to stick with my design but that may have to change depending on where I go with my .com over the next few months.

    Until then, let me know if there are any issues with the site. I had a few glitches that needed ironing out and hopefully I’ve spotted them all.