• Shooting In London

    With so few hard facts coming to us at the moment, it’s very difficult to get a good picture of exactly what has happened on the London Underground today.
    From passengers comments it seems as though the man was tripped just after entering a carriage and was shot five times at close range. It could be argued that this was excessive force and he should have just been arrested, but it is also arguable that given a second more he could have detonated a bomb, assuming he had one.
    That brings me onto my next issue; naturally we all expect to know more as the day goes on, but I would like to find out why he was seen as a threat. Was he being watched for weeks? Did he have something undeniably dangerous visable on his person? Was it just because he ran away from police? Was it just because he was Asian?
    I’m not, nor is anyone in a position to make judgements or even solid comments on what has happened this morning but I think it’s only right that questions are asked and the answers are given sooner rather than later.

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