Month: March 2015

  • Apple Watch & the silly ‘use case’ argument

    Apple Watch & the silly ‘use case’ argument

    The argument that Apple has failed to give a compelling “use case” for its Watch is a bit misguided.

    The first iPhone was sold as your phone and iPod in one – which wasn’t a unique proposition in itself – but that mild convenience was hardly enough to justify its massive cost.

    And when Steve Jobs debuted the iPad, he sold it as the perfect device for consumption – completely failing to anticipate its success as a creative, organisational and business tool.

    In reality, Apple is not in the habit of making use cases for its products, beyond assuring prospective consumers that they are objects of desire. (more…)

  • Apple’s shrewd MacBook moves

    Apple’s shrewd MacBook moves

    When Steve Jobs first unveiled the MacBook Air in January 2008, reaction was decidedly mixed.

    Few argued that, at 1.36kg and no more than 19mm thick, it was an impressive feat of engineering. But many pointed out that its middling specs made its $1,800+ pricetag absurd, while its lone USB port and lack of an optical drive meant its usability was severely hampered.

    Seven years on, Apple has managed to kick of the exact same debate – this time around the new version of its mid-tier MacBook laptop. (more…)