Market Bite of Bluetooth (Business & Finance, 25th Sept. – 8th Oct. 2008)

I know I’ve been a bit of a bad landlord of late, only turning up when there’s rent to be collected (or in my case, articles to be plugged) but for those of you not yet disgusted by my shameless abuse of the blogging format lately, here’s some more self-promotion on my part.

The latest issue of Business & Finance, which should be available near you as we speak, features my latest tech piece which is on the issue of Bluetooth marketing in Ireland. I spoke to one of the owners of Bluemedia, who are making quite a name for themselves in that particular market segment, and UPC which ran a bus-advert with some Bluetooth functionality recently enough.

There’s also a review of HP’s MiniNote laptop and some Tech Briefs for those of you who fell out of the loop for the last week or two.

September has been a crazy month for me, what with the new job and the balancing of it with my existing work, but things are beginning to settle somewhat so hopefully blogging will become relatively regular in the near future… at the very least I promise to throw a few non-pluggy posts in soon.

Clicking with the consumer (Business & Finance 12th-25th Sept. 2008)

The latest issue of Business & Finance is just out and on page 50-51 you’ll find an article of mine on the future of digital cameras, along with a product review and some tech news briefs.

The main article looks at the next potential advancements for digital cameras now that the pixel-count “arms race” appears to be drawing to a close. The ‘news brief’ section details some interesting movements on a pay-as-you-go iPhone in Ireland while the ‘Review’ section looks at HTC’s TyTN II.

You can pick up the magazine across the country for €4.98 or if you have a subscription you can read it online.

Talking about Google on The Last Word tonight

I’ll be on Today FM‘s The Last Word this evening to talk about Google, largely to mark its tenth anniversary as an incorporated company which was yesterday.

As far as I know there’ll be someone from Google on too and the discussion should be quite general looking at how Google has done so well, why it’s so popular and what issues it’s facing in the months and years ahead.

Tune in around the 6pm mark if you want to hear – you can do so on your FM/DAB radio or on their website. A podcast of the show will also be available at some point tonight should you miss the piece.