That’s it for another year

The Irish blog community is wallowing in a collective hangover after last night’s festivities, which were very enjoyable.

Congratulations to all the winners – and to everyone involved in the event itself (especially Damien).

I did manage to put some faces to the names, and had good chats with a few of you, but maybe not as many as I had hoped. At times itt felt almost like some kind of speed-dating event – everyone wanted to chat to everyone else, so we were all wandering around introducing ourselves, chatting and then moving on to start the process again.

Same again next year, I hope, and after the initial ice has been broken for me I’ll certainly be doing my best to attend any other blogger’s night out in the near future.

So how did I do with my predictions? Well I got Best Photoblog, Best Arts and Culture Blog, Best Political Blog, Best Designed Blog, Best Sports/Recreation Blog, Best News/Current Affairs and Best Podcaster all right – in other words, don’t take any betting tips from me, ever.

Oh and one final thing – many slaps on the back to Bernie for handing the Best Contribution award over to Damien, who, as he said himself, really deserved it. So, can we call it “The Mulley” now?

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