Channel 6 to be available on Sky Digital

It looks as though Channel 6 has agreed terms with BSkyB to get placed on the Sky Digital platform.

The company sent out a release on Friday announcing a press conference for this week, at which their Spring schedule will be officially unveiled. The release also stated that an important announcement would be made at the event on the channel’s carriage.

Since launching, Channel 6 has only been available to NTL or Chorus subscribers, as negotiations to get onto Sky Digital collapsed without agreement. The channel secured a good placement on the NTL/Chorus EPG alongside the existing Irish stations, however such a deal was not available to them on Sky.

It is believed that they wanted channel number 106, which is taken by Sky One, which BSkyB refused to give. The station was offered a place in the high 200s, which would have buried them in a pretty awkward place, but they refused. Number 105 is free on the Sky EPG, but BSkyB weren’t willing to give that one up either as they expect UTV to take it at some point in the future.

It’s not clear where Channel 6 will now be placed, but that will probably be revealed on Wednesday. The company is still aiming for a 3% market share after its first year (the last count in October was at 1.2% nationally), and being available to nearly 1/2 million more homes would surely help them achieve that.

The full press release is available below the fold.



Channel 6, will officially unveil its SPRING schedule at a press
conference on Wednesday 31st January in The Westin Hotel at 12:15pm. The
new line up will include an exciting mix of programming with never
before seen series and old favourites.

The press conference will also feature a major announcement in relation
to the Channel’s carriage.

We hope to see you at The Westin Hotel at 12:15pm on Wednesday 31st of

Channel 6 to unveil spring programming schedule at press conference

The Tanner suite in The Westin Hotel, Westmoreland St, Dublin 2

Wednesday 31st January 2007


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