CDs vs downloads: Aiming to bridge the digital divide (26th March 2006)

Today’s Sunday Business Post features and article I wrote on the online music market, You can view the piece on their site here.

The article is connected to a recent post on my blog in relation to the pre-order campaign for Pearl Jam‘s upcoming album; people who preorder the CD on their site will be able to download the entire album on the day of release and will also recieve the physical CD in the post. To me this is a clever mixture of both types of online purchase and one that solves the problems each presents. It’s an idea that could be adopted by other bands and labels in the future too.


  1. Great work Adam!


  2. Administrator 26/03/2006 at 14:41

    Many thanks Dave, 2 in a week, I’m delighted!

    Piaras pointed out to me that something similar is going on with DVD’s now too, where you can download and recieve a physical product all in one go; seems to be catching on!


  3. Damien Byrne 27/03/2006 at 06:50

    Nice work Adam,

    Well done on both pieces, long may it continue. Good to see you and Pearl Jam in the SBP!
    Its a point I have been making for a while that however easy and money saving it becomes to download albums etc, it will never replace having the cd/vinyl in your hand. Typical PJAM to come up with a solution!


  4. [...] The second article I ever had published was a piece on one of my favourite bands, Pearl Jam, and their decision to sell a digital download & physical CD bundle online as a way of giving fans the best of both worlds in their album purchase. [...]


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