Podcasting project; pt. 2

I have finally overcome one of the biggest obstacle facing the podcasting project so far. Hardware.
Up until now I’ve had trouble sourcing a good quality recording device that would allow an easy transfer to PC (without a loss of quality). Now, with thanks to the nice folks at iPod Linux I am going to use my iPod to do all the recording. A recent break through in hacking the iPod Photo with Linux has meant that high quality (up to 96Htz) recording is available without the need of a mic adaptor (which only records at 8Htz anyway).
As a complete Linux noob I had a few teething troubles, but nothing that could have been avoided were it not for the Linux communities assumption that all users are experienced users. Besides this everything ran smoothly and recordings seem to be working perfectly, I will be running a large amount of test runs first to ensure I have everything under control, though. Ironically I had to roll back the iPod firmware by one update in order to get Linux to work, meaning I’ve lost the podcast options!

Now, with the above in mind I will be moving quite quickly from around the 7th/8th of September (after a short break). I hope to get in contact with all interested parties over the next day or two and then blitz-interview once I return, so that all the base work is done by the 18th of September at the very latest. I’ll be travelling to the UK a few days after that and I hope, once settled, I can start to churn out the fully-produced shows with the first “airing” being in early October. The website will be complete soon, hopefully.

Once again I’m still looking for interviewee’s and ideas, suggestions on a show title and anything else you have to offer, including a plug or two if you’d be so kind!

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